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Dance Marathon for PAC 2016 at UCLA Sponsored in part by RW Selby - Date 04/13/2016

- Date 03/12/2016

Off-Campus Housing 101 - Date 02/15/2016

Off-Campus Housing 101

What do I consider when choosing an off-campus student housing option?
Choosing the right place to live for your lifestyle will require you to consider the following: Individual leases, joint leases, co-signer/guarantor requirements, short-term leases, furnished apartments, unfurnished apartments, walking distances, shuttles to campus, parking, and pets.
What do I need to know before signing a lease?
Do not take this task lightly. A lease is a binding contract that sometimes requires a co-signer or guarantor such as your parental guardian. Know all of the details, obligations, rules and regulations of your lease agreement before signing. Visit the Student Legal Services Offices at your University for help understanding the lease and your rights as well as your obligations.
How do I handle living with roommates?
Roommates don't have to be the enemy; they can become your friend. It's important to have open communication about responsibilities of cleaning, paying rent and shared living spaces. Knowing what each of you expects up front will help in establishing your relationship. It's a good idea to keep your room and valuables locked for privacy, set rules for visitors and study times, and make sure to set aside time to just enjoy being roommates by cooking, watching a movie or playing games. Draft up a list of House Rules!
How can I personalize and decorate my space within the restrictions of the apartment community?
Every off-campus housing property is different, but many have restrictions on what kind of decorating you can do in your apartment. Review your community's rules before coming up with your design plans. If decorating restrictions are getting you down, don't worry because there are still options to make your place feel like more of your own. If painting or putting up wallpaper are a big no-no, then look into putting up some vinyl wall decals or a patterned fabric in the place of wallpaper. Avoid holes in the walls from nails by instead hanging decorations with a wide-range of inexpensive and damage-free adhesive products.
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- Date 12/18/2015

Everything You Need for an Application to Rent

An application to rent requires you to attach additional documents. Simply filling out the form with your information and a list of past apartments isn’t enough for the landlord to decide whether you’re a reliable renter. As such, he or she will ask for more items that will show that you’re on top of your game.

  • Paystubs
  • Bank Statements
  • Driver’s License (Or Passport)
  • Vehicle Registration and Proof of Insurance
  • Social Security Number
  • Rental History
  • Job History
  • Checkbook

Learn more about renting your first apartment at the Off Campus Living Fair!
The fair will be January 11th from 11AM- 4PM in Ackerman Grand Ballroom on UCLA's campus.

Join Us at the Housing Fair in January! Hosted by UCLA - Date 12/04/2015

It's that time again! Students get introduced to apartment living! Come see us at the hosing fair in Ackerman Union A level! We'll have food, prizes and more! The event is an opportunity for students to learn about apartments on campus. We are here to help you make the transition from dormatory to apartment.

Move-In Day at 433 Midvale - Date 10/08/2015

On September 20th we welcomed a new group of students and their parents. Thanks to everyone who participated!

Westwood Village App on iTunes - Date 06/10/2015



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